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LEC Spring Split 2022 Full Team Rosters

lec spring split 2022 rosters

The start of the LEC spring split 2022 is just around the corner and the European teams have already finalized their rosters for the upcoming split. We’ve gathered the full rosters for you to check and get ready for the upcoming hype.

More or less, all teams have their changes. However, no one can deny that G2 Esports, Vitality and Fnatic have some of the most interesting roster changes this plit. G2 decided to changed more than half of the existing team, only keeping Jankos and Caps thus creating hype around its new additions. On the other hand, Vitality creates a beast roster with Perkzz, Carzzy and Alphari joining the french organization. As for Fnatic, the team changes drastically with Wunder, Razork and Humanoid completing the black and orange team.

Continue reading to see the full LEC Spring Split 2022 Team Rosters:

Team Vitality

Top  Alphari
Jungle  Selfmade
Mid  Perkz
ADC  Carzzy
Supp  Labrov


G2 Esports

Top  BrokenBlade
Jungle  Jankos
Mid  Caps
ADC  Flakked
Supp  Targamas


MAD Lions

Top  Armut
Jungle  Elyoya
Mid  Reeker
Supp  Kaiser



Top  Wunder
Jungle  Razork
Mid  Humanoid
ADC  Upset
Supp  Hylissang



Top Odoamne
Jungle Malrang
Mid Larssen
ADC Comp
Supp Trymbi


Misfits Gaming

Top HiRit
Jungle Shlatan
Mid Vetheo
ADC Neon
Supp Mersa


Team BDS

Top Adam
Jungle Cinkrof
ADC xMatty



Top WhiteKnight
Jungle Zanzarah
Mid Dajor
ADC Kobbe
Supp promisq



Top Finn
Jungle Markoon
Mid Nukeduck
ADC Patrik
Supp Advienne


SK Gaming

Top Jenax
Jungle Gilius
Mid Sertuss
ADC Jezu
Supp Treatz


The new LEC season starts on January 14th and it will be interesting to see how the standings play out this year with all those roster changes.

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