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League of Legends

Yuumi Rework Coming in LoL Patch 13.5

Yuumi Rework LoL

Riot Phroxzon shared via Twitter details about the Yuumi rework coming in LoL Patch 13.5.

Dating back to her release Yuumi has been of the most controversial champions in League of Legends, while also being an absolute balance nightmare for Riot. Even though she was nerfed again in patch 13.2 Riot has decided to commit to a full rework.

Yuumi has sported some of the highest ban rates in the history of the game due to her extremely strong kit. Heals, shields, respectable poke, good team fighting, and untargetability are only half the story when it comes to Yuumi.

The real issue of the champion was her W ability which allowed her to be a pocket support to any champion on her team. While intended to support ADCs Yuumi players quickly caught on and started to mostly latch onto fed bruisers and assassins.

Yuumi rework abilities going live Patch 13.5


  • Health Growth: 84 >>> 69
  • Base Mana: 400 >>> 440

Passive: Feline Friendship

  • No longer grants a shield (moved to E).
  • When Yuumi affects enemy champions with attacks or spells, she heals herself and gains a stack for 4 seconds. Attaching to an ally (or already being Attached) consumes the stack to heal them. 10-20s cooldown.
  • While off cooldown, Yuumi gains 50 Attack Range.
  • Yuumi’s Friendship increases with her current Attached partner whenever they kill a minion or champion. While Attached to the ally with the highest Friendship, her abilities gain Best Friend bonuses.

Q: Prowling Projectile

  • While Attached, Yuumi can only control the missile until it flies long enough to become empowered.
  • The missile always slows, but the slow (and damage) is greatly increased while empowered.
  • Missile width down, missile damage up, reveals targets hit.
  • Best Friend Bonus: Always applies full empowered slow, and hitting an enemy champion grants her attached ally on-hit magic damage scaling with her AP and their Crit Chance for 5 seconds.

W: You and Me

  • No longer grants adaptive force or triggers Aery on its own.
  • While on her Best Friend, Yuumi gains Heal/Shield Power scaling with their Level, and they gain On-Hit Healing scaling with her Heal/Shield Power.

E: Zoomies

  • No longer heals (moved to P).
  • Grants a shield to her attached ally.
  • Grants Move Speed only while the shield persists.
  • Still grants Attack Speed, for 3 seconds on cast.
  • Now restores Mana to her ally, scaling with their missing Mana.
  • No Best Friend bonus.

R: Final Chapter

  • Waves reduced to 5.
  • If attached, Yuumi can aim the waves with her mouse.
  • No longer Roots enemies, instead applying a stacking Slow with each wave.
  • Waves now heal Yuumi’s allies, with overheal becoming a shield.
  • Best Friend Bonus: Yuumi’s BF gets more healing and bonus Armor/MR scaling with her AP.

Overall, these changes should make the Magical Cat less toxic to play against while maintaining the fantasy of the character. In addition, developers are aiming to keep her Pro Play power under control as she has seen the most success there.

Yuumi’s rework is scheduled to hit live servers along patch 13.5 on Wednesday, March 8.

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