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Yoru Disabled In Valorant Due To Unexpected Bug

Yoru Disabled In Valorant

Yoru might be available in Valorant since January but bugs can be found at any point. As with many other agents in the popular FPS title, this one too released with a weird bug associated with his kit. Apparently, Yoru can teleport inside buildings by using his ability and due to that, he is now disabled in Valorant.

The Yoru bug was easily spotted in competitive play in Valorant and has forced Riot Games to mark him as Disabled so that the developer team can investigate the issue further. As far as we know, the agent can use Gatecrash to teleport inside the pyramids in the Breeze map. Due to the bug, both he and Breeze are now disabled in competitive play. Take a look at a video by Youtuber TPAXTOP, that shows the Yoru bug in great detail:

This isn’t the first time that an unfair bug has plagued Valorant, after the release of a new map or agent. Riot Games is always fast in fixing those issues so it won’t be long before Yoru will be available once more.

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What’s interesting is that both Yoru and Breeze were disabled. This proves that the team needs to check that there might be an exploit in the map that might add additional layers of bugs in the future. Hopefully, there won’t be any and Breeze will too be available soon. As for Yoru, his bug

The developer team hasn’t released any official statements about the matter yet on the official website. However, the situation is already under investigation.

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