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League of Legends

Worlds 2021 Event Pass Milestones & Rewards

Worlds 2021 Milestones

The Worlds 2021 event pass is now available in League of Legends, bringing with it light and night and… new quests. If you’ve been stacking up RP for the new event then you’ll be glad to know that the new milestone track for Worlds 2021 includes less stages and 100% more prestige points. This means that you get 50 prestige points as opposed to 25 in most previous events. This makes total sense given the imminent stop of this feature and its revamp. If you are looking for the whole list of milestones and their rewards for Worlds 2021 in League of Legends check out the list below:

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  • Worlds 2021 Pass icon
  • 10 Win XP Boost
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  • 3000 BE
  • 10 Prestige Points 2020
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  • As If Emote
  • Champion Shard
4 of 10
  • 10 Prestige Points
  • No Words Emote
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  • 10 Prestige Points
  • Try Me Emote
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  • Night and Dawn 2021 Ward Skin
  • Worlds 2021 Orb
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  • 1 Gemstone
  • 1250 OE
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  • 1 Hextech Key
  • Masterwork Chest
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  • Worlds 2021 Orb
  • 10 Prestige Points
10 of 10
  • 1 Gemstone
  • 10 Prestige Points


The Worlds 2021 Event Pass costs 1650 RP which roughly equals to 13EUR. The upgraded version, the Worlds 2021 Event Pass Bundle costs 2650 RP. Both passes are available for purchase beginning September 23, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. PT.

The standard Worlds 2021 Event Pass includes:

  • Event Pass
  • 4 Worlds 2021 Orbs
  • 200 Worlds 2021 Tokens

The Worlds 2021 Event Pass Bundle contains all the items mentioned above, as well as the Nightbringer Kayn Icon, Nightbringer Kayn Skin, and Kayn Champion. The event pass is mandatory in order to be able to complete the Worlds 2021 milestones.

Apart from the Milestone missions though, the Worlds 2021 event pass includes weekly missions, token missions, and an orb mission. Some of those are also free for all players so don’t miss out on all the sweet rewards. The Worlds 2021 event ends in November 8, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. PT. After that, you’ll be able to spend your tokens until November 18, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. PT.

Stay tuned for information and updates on Worlds 2021. Don’t forget that today is the day we’ll first listen to the Worlds song, a day that each year carries its own amount of hype. Stay tuned to The Rift Crown.


Source: League of Legends Support

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