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League of Legends

Will There Be an End of the Year Prestige Shop in LoL 2020?

End of the Year Prestige Shop

Last year, Riot Games introduced a new shop into the world of League of Legends, available for roughly one month before the start of the new season. The End of the Year Prestige Shop, includes rewards from events throughout the year for players that have points up for use. Will there be such a shop this year as well?

Will there be an end of the year Prestige Shop?

The short answer is, yes cause it makes sense. The long one is that we believe Riot has already plans for such a shop to roll next month. The reason behind it is the fact that the Worlds 2020 event includes 50 Prestige Points in total. Even if you have purchased all events in 2020, you’ll still have some PP left. It makes sense for them to open the shop once more in December much like last year for players that want to get the most out of their points.

When shall we expect it?

Sometime around next month is the best timing. Season 10 ends in November 10th, meaning that there’s an active countdown for the next season at this point. We know that there’s still a prestige Soraka skin coming in the near future so it’s safe to expect it to launch early to mid-December.

What rewards does the end of the year Prestige Shop include?

Last year, the shop included 3 types of Jackpot backs from different events through 2019, icons, emotes, hextech keys and orange essence. If this is any indication, these are all the jackpot backs we got in 2020 and we think might be available during the end of the  year Prestige Shop too:

  • K/DA All Out Jackpot
  • Worlds 2020 Jackpot
  • Spirit Blossom Jackpot
  • Pulsfire Jackpot

If and when such jackpots become available they will be worth 50 prestige points and each one includes different rewards.

For more League of Legends news, stay tuned to The Rift Crown.

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