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Wild Rift

Wild Rift – Vladimir’s Trivia Answers & Rewards

wild rift vladimir trivia answers

A new champion is now available in Wild Rift, already tearing through your matches since it’s one of League’s most OP characters. Vladimir is now available to play as in Wild Rift and Riot Games has released a new event “Vladimir’s Trivia” which includes questions whose answers will be revealed at a later date. What are the correct answers to Vladimir’s Trivia in Wild Rift? Continue reading to see the full question sheet and the correct answers.

Vladimir’s Trivia – Question 1 Answer

Vladimir is a:

A. Vampire

B. Enchanter

C. Bloodmancer

D. Hemomancer


Vladimir’s Trivia – Question 2 Answer

What can Vladimir do while he is in his Sanguine Pool?

A. Auto-attack

B. Cast Abilities

C. Use Items

D. Go Through Walls


Vladimir’s Trivia – Question 3 Answer

From whom did Vladimir learn his dark powers?

A. A Darkin

B. A Dragon

C. A Titan

D. An Aspect


Vladimir’s Trivia – Question 4 Answer

Where is Vladimir from?

A. Noxus

B. Demacia

C. Icathia

D. Camavor


Vladimir’s Trivia – Question 5 Answer

Of the following institutions, which group is Vladimir, not a member of?

A. The Blood Rose

B. The Royal Family of Camavor

C. The Crimson Circle

D. The Trifarix Council


Vladimir’s Trivia – Question 6 Answer

Which of these activities is Vladimir not known for?

A. Draining victims in back alleys

B. Bumping elbows with aristocrats

C. Trafficking with demons

D. Indulgent hedonistic behavior


The correct answers and reward claim will for Vladimir’s Trivia in Wild Rift become available on August 22nd so make sure to lock in your answers before then. If all your answers are correct then you are getting:

  • Vladimir Emote
  • 5 Poro Coins per correct answer (30 in total)
  • The Crimson Reaper Icon

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