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League of Legends

Which Champions Have A Stealth Ability or Passive in LoL?

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Are you looking for all LoL champions that use some kind of stealth as a passive or active ability in their kit? Among the captivating array of mechanics, stealth stands out as a cunning strategy that allows champions to vanish from enemy sight, facilitating strategic plays and ambushes. In this comprehensive article, we take an in-depth look at the roster of champions that master this elusive art, unraveling the dynamic ways in which stealth enriches the gameplay experience.

Understanding the Stealth Mechanic

The stealth mechanic in League of Legends grants champions the power to cloak themselves in invisibility, making them temporarily immune to enemy targeting. However, it’s crucial to recognize that stealth comes in various forms, each with its own nuances and limitations.


Akali, the Rogue Assassin, utilizes her shroud to blend seamlessly with the shadows. This Twilight Shroud ability shrouds an area in smoke, rendering Akali invisible while inside it. This allows her to reposition during combat, outmaneuvering opponents in a dance of deception.


Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, employs a unique twist on stealth. His Going Rogue ability enables him to temporarily cloak himself while moving towards terrain. Akshan can use this stealthy advantage to set up surprise assaults or escape tight situations.


Evelynn, the Agony’s Embrace, embodies the true essence of stealth with her Demon Shade passive. While out of combat, Evelynn enters a state of camouflage, becoming invisible to foes. This allows her to roam undetected, ready to strike from the shadows.


Kai’Sa adapts stealth with her Living Weapon passive. After evolving her second ability, Void Seeker, she gains the ability to cloak herself briefly when using it, enhancing her ability to engage enemies from unexpected angles.


Kha’Zix takes stealth to predatory extremes. His Void Assault ultimate allows him to become invisible for a short duration while activating his Unseen Threat passive. This empowers Kha’Zix to isolate and eliminate unsuspecting targets.


LeBlanc manipulates stealth as an extension of her cunning gameplay. Her Distortion ability grants her the power to dash to a location and return to the starting point, leaving opponents guessing about her true position.


Neeko showcases an intriguing take on stealth. Her Inherent Glamour passive grants her camouflage when disguised as an allied champion.


Although not exactly a stealth skill, Nocturne’s ultimate ability makes him practically invisible in a different sense. We can almost say that there’s no better stealth ability in the whole League of Legends other than Nocturne’s R.


His Ghostwater Dive ability cloaks him in camouflage and boosts his movement speed, enabling him to slip into advantageous positions and surprise his targets.


Qiyana, Empress of the Elements, embraces stealth in a naturalistic manner. Her Grass Q ability enables her to cloak herself in the brush, creating opportunities for surprise attacks and cunning plays.


Rengar, the Pridestalker, embodies the essence of a predator in stealth. His Thrill of the Hunt ultimate activates camouflage, granting him the ability to stalk his prey and unleash lethal assaults.


Senna, the Redeemer, introduces stealth as an aspect of her supportive role. Her Curse of the Black Mist ultimate shrouds allies and herself in mist, rendering them invisible to enemies within its radius.


His Deceive ability allows him to teleport a short distance and enter stealth, creating opportunities for unexpected flanks and duplicitous maneuvers.


Talon, the Blade’s Shadow, epitomizes a master of stealthy entry. His Assassin’s Path ability enables him to vault over terrain and cloak himself briefly, granting him the element of surprise.


Teemo, the Swift Scout, embraces stealth with a mischievous twist. His Guerrilla Warfare passive cloaks him when standing still, allowing him to lay traps and engage foes from hidden vantage points.


Twitch, the Plague Rat, adds his own unique touch to stealth. His Ambush ability cloaks him, enhancing his attack and movement speed, empowering him to unleash devastating surprise attacks.


Vayne, the Night Hunter, intertwines stealth with her hunter’s prowess. Her Final Hour ultimate grants her brief invisibility while simultaneously empowering her attacks, making her a potent duelist.


Viego, the Ruined King, commands the power of death and stealth. His Spectral Maw ability cloaks him briefly when dashing, affording him the element of surprise during engagements.


Wukong, the Monkey King, weaves stealth into his agile playstyle. His Warrior Trickster ability cloaks him in a cloud, granting him the opportunity to deceive enemies and reposition strategically.


The champions of League of Legends – LoL who wield the art of stealth bring a unique and thrilling dimension to the game. From cunning assassins to strategic manipulators, each champion’s approach to invisibility showcases the depth and diversity of gameplay options available. As players traverse the Summoner’s Rift, LoL champions who use stealth remain poised to seize opportunities, strike from unexpected angles, and demonstrate that the unseen can truly be the most formidable. With their enigmatic abilities, they add layers of intrigue and excitement, shaping the very essence of League of Legends’ dynamic universe.

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