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League of Legends

What is Silver Scrapes in the LoL Esports?

We hear about it a lot in LoL Esports matches but you might not know where it originates from. Today we’ll be looking into one of the most exciting words you can hear in a lol best-of-5 match. Well, practically the most exciting. What is Silver Scrapes in LoL Esports matches?

Silver Scrapes in LoL Esports Matches Today

What we know today as Silver Scrapes is the 5th game in a best-of-5 match. Basically, when the two opponent teams play a best-of-5 League of Legends elimination match and it goes to 5 games, we say that the match goes to Silver Scrapes. Where does it originate from though?


Silver Scrapes History

According to legacies.lol, it all goes back to League of Legends’ esports humble beginnings. Back then, Riot Games introduced us with the song Silver Scrapes, which all lolesports enjoyers must know even if they don’t realize its name.

In between matches, Riot Games sometimes needed more time in order to solve technical issues that arose, giving fans long pauses with Silver Scrapes playing in the background. As a result, players came to love it for its beat. Coming down to the Season 2 Worlds championship, where we saw a 5-game match in a major esports event the song kind of got recognized as the anthem of the 5th game. As a result, the 5th game in a high-stakes elimination game is known as Silver Scrapes.

Now you know the importance of a singular song in League of Legends and how one of its more fun-packed words started. May we get a ton of Silver Scrapes with some peak League of Legends plays next year as well.

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