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League of Legends

What Is Mythic Essence In LoL And How To Get It

Mythic Essence lol

Big changes are coming to League of Legends and more specifically, how events work. Right now, you get event tokens to get skins and prestige points. Those prestige points are going towards buying a Prestige Skin but it’s become clear that this strategy is not working now that the event periods have become such a huge part of the game’s ecosystem. To diminish that gap, Riot Games is introducing the Mythic Essence in LoL, a new type of currency to use in order to get Hextech and Prestige skins.


What is the Mythic Essence in LoL?

During the latest season introduction livestream by Riot Games, Jonathan Billiss or, for us, Billissimoh, talked about the introduction of Mythic Essence to LoL and what it means for skin collectors. The new currency will come to replace Gemstones and Prestige Points. The official post on this topic reads:

Mythic Essence will replace Gemstones and Prestige Points everywhere those two currencies appeared as loot or rewards. Mythic Essence drop rates from Masterwork Chests will temporarily increase to offset the removal of Prestige Points from bundles.

What should you expect now? The event system in LoL is getting an overhaul and will now offer a reward track, much like what we get in Teamfight Tactics. The track will include icons, tokens, XP boosts, mythic essence and more.

Source: Riot Games


How to spend your Mythic Essence in LoL?

How do you spend your Mythic Essence in LoL though? What you get is a Mythic shop, which will include Prestige and Hextech skins on rotation, which will range in prices from 100 Mythic Essence to 200 Mythic Essence. The Prestige Skin prices in Mythic Essence will be determined by the year they got released. Riot Games details them as follows:

  • First unvault: 125 ME
  • Second unvault: 150 ME (2019 Prestiges start here)
  • Third+ unvault: 200 ME (2018 Prestiges start here)

We hope we cleared some of the confusion out and we’ll be detailing more aspects of the new event system in the days to come.


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Source: League of Legends

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