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League of Legends

What Are The Best Skins For Lux In League of Legends?

Lux is a radiant and iconic champion in League of Legends known for her mastery of light magic and her captivating charm. With a diverse range of skins available, players have numerous options to express their individual styles while playing as Lux. In this article, we will explore the best Lux skins in League of Legends, focusing on their unique features and magical charisma.


Cosmic / Dark Cosmic Lux – 1820RP

Cosmic Lux is a cosmic-themed skin that radiates with celestial brilliance. Adorned in a dazzling, starlit outfit, Lux embodies the majestic allure of the universe. Her abilities shimmer with cosmic energy, mesmerizing both allies and enemies. The stunning visual effects, accompanied by celestial soundscapes, create a captivating and immersive experience. Cosmic Lux is a true manifestation of the power and beauty of the cosmos, leaving players spellbound with its magical charisma.

Elementalist Lux – 3250RP

Elementalist Lux offers a transformative and awe-inspiring experience, showcasing her control over the elements. This skin features an evolution mechanic, allowing players to change Lux’s appearance and abilities as they progress through the game. With ten elemental forms to unlock, each offering distinct visual effects and animations, Elementalist Lux is a dynamic and versatile choice for players seeking an enchanting and ever-changing gameplay experience. Unleash the elements and harness Lux’s magical charisma with this extraordinary skin.


Star Guardian Lux – 1350RP

Star Guardian Lux takes players on an enchanting journey through the magical girl anime theme. As a guardian of the stars, Lux wears a stunning, elegant outfit adorned with celestial patterns. Her light magic takes the form of sparkling stardust, leaving behind a trail of wonder. The skin’s recall animation, where Lux summons the power of the stars, adds to its allure. Star Guardian Lux is a delightful choice for those who wish to embrace the whimsy and charm of magical guardians.

Empyrean Lux – 1350RP

Empyrean Lux elevates Lux’s presence to divine levels. This neon-themed skin envelops her in a regal, prismatic outfit, reminiscent of neo-ethereal beings. Her light magic emanates an otherworldly glow. With awe-inspiring visual effects and a touch of grandeur, Empyrean Lux embodies the allure of the colors within the darkness, making it an exceptional choice for players seeking a divine and enchanting experience.

Porcelain Lux – 1350RP

Porcelain Lux showcases the timeless elegance of classical porcelain figurines. Dressed in a delicate and intricately designed porcelain-inspired outfit, she exudes an air of sophistication and grace. The skin’s light magic takes on the appearance of delicate porcelain patterns, adding a unique touch to her abilities. With an aura of antique beauty, Porcelain Lux offers a refreshing and enchanting take on the classic Lux design.


Lux boasts an array of some of the best and most captivating skins in League of Legends. Each skin, from the cosmic radiance of Cosmic Lux to the transformative powers of Elementalist Lux, the magical charm of Star Guardian Lux, the heavenly heights of Empyrean Lux, and the elegance of Porcelain Lux, offers players a distinct and enchanting gameplay experience.

Whether you seek the brilliance of the stars, the mastery of the elements, the allure of the heavens, or the elegance of classical beauty, Lux’s best skins in League of Legends deliver on their magical charisma. Unleash your inner light and embrace the enchantment of Lux’s best skins, casting a luminous glow on the Rift and captivating both allies and enemies alike.

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