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Valorant Deadlock Abilities & Release Date

Deadlock is the next Agent to release in Valorant, coming to the game today and we know what her abilities look like. The new Sentinel agent releases with a set of super creative abilities that players will need some getting used to before knowing how to properly counter her. Continue reading to see all of Deadlock’s abilities in Valorant and how they can be utilized.

GravNet (C)

GravNet is a moving impairment ability, as Deadlock can throw a grenade that expands into a web trap that causes opponents to crouch and slow their movement. This gives Deadlock ways of creative plays if used alongside DoT teammate abilities. The area of effect is also pretty big, so the new Agent will become a big nuisance in play when whe releases.


Sonic Sensor (Q)

A sensor that sticks to a surface and detonates when a player walks normally, fires or reloads in an area around it. When detonating, the Sonic Sensor applies concussion in a large area.


Barrier Mesh (E)

A creative defensive ability that allows Deadlock to create an X-shaped barrier that creates invisible walls for players. However, bullets can go through the walls. Players can destroy the nanowire balls attached to the Barrier ends to destroy the structure.


Annihilation (X)

A powerful ability that can create plays out of the blue. Deadlock casts a wire that attaches and traps the first enemy it hits and slowly moves them to where Deadlock started the ability. When reaching the start point, the trapped agent dies. Teammates can rescue the trapped player by shooting at the cocoon.


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