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Valorant Champions 2023 Skins – Price & Release Date

Valorant Champions 2023 Skins - Price & Release Date

It’s this time of the year for Valorant, where the best players worldwide join the stage to win a spot at the top. The Valorant Champions 2023 starts on August 6th. To mark the occasion, Riot Games is releasing a Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle which includes two skins for Vandal and Knife and we can start talking about its price and release date.

The Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle will include Vandal and Knife skins and will most possibly have a price at around 6000VP if previous seasons are to be believed. For the time being, we don’t know the exact price so make sure to check back for more on that front. As for their release date, the bundle will hit the in-game store on August 4th and will most likely be up for purchase until the end of the month on August 29th.

Take a look at what the Valorant Champions 2023 look like:

Champions 2023 Vandal Skin


Champions 2023 Knife Skin

valorant champions 2023 knife skin


Valorant Champions 2023 starts on August 6th with Navi going against Team Liquid. The tournament goes on daily from then on. While you watch the games, you can earn drops via Twitch and Youtube. If you need help with linking your Valorant account to Youtube you can click here. On the other hand, you can click here, in order to find out how to link your account to Twitch.

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