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League of Legends – Udyr Abilities Post Rework Revealed

Udyr Abilities League of Legends

The new reimagined Udyr is soon to launch in League of Legends and it’s only reasonable to be wondering what his place in the meta will be. Despite his rework, Udyr won’t lose his “basic essence” even though his abilities are completely different. Some might say that he was outclassed by other champions in the jungle, some others say that he was as classic as a fine wine. Nonetheless, Udyr is bringing his brand new abilities into League of Legends and we’re here for it.



Continue reading to see the full descriptions of all of Udyr’s abilities in League of Legends:

Passive – Bridge Between


Q – Wilding Claw

Udyr gains a burst of attack speed and his next two attacks deal bonus physical damage.

Awaken: Udyr gains even more attack speed, and his next two attacks chain lightning off the target, bouncing up to 6 times. Lightning can strike the same target multiple times, dealing heavy damage to isolated targets.


W – Iron Mantle

Udyr gains a shield and his next two attacks restore health.

Awaken: Udyr gains a bigger shield, his next two attacks heal even more, and he restores a percentage of his max health over the next few seconds.


E – Blazing Stampede

Udyr gains a burst of move speed. His first attack against each target while in this stance lunges a short distance and stuns them (per-unit cooldown).

Awaken: Udyr gains even more move speed and briefly becomes immune to crowd control.


R – Wingborne Storm


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