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Top 5 Counters For Yasuo Mid

yasuo mid counters

Yasuo is a fan favorite pick in the mid-lane and at times he might seem like an unbeatable champion in League of Legends. This is far from the truth as there are picks that can throw Yasuo of his game in the mid-lane and act as pure counters to his pick. Check out the best counters for Yasuo in the mid lane:

1. Annie

Annie is a strong mid laner counter against any fast-moving champion and Yasuo is no exception. Annie has one of the best stun capabilities in League of Legends. With optimal positioning in the lane, you can move around Yasuo, protecting yourself with Annie’s E, and stun him when he gets too close. If you decide to go the Morelonomicon way with Annie against Yasuo, you can utilize a powerful blow against his lifesteal and have him hovering behind his tower.

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2. Fizz

Much like Yasuo, Fizz is a fast champion with tons of survivability with his E ability. Even without any stuns, Fizz can dance around Yasuo and dodge his hurricane or ultimate at any point.

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Check out sample build


3. Kassadin

Kassadin’s power against Yasuo isn set in his ultimate ability. As long as a Kassadin player can keep track of enemy Yasuo’s passive, he can move around and one-shot Yasuo and leave the fight unscathed.

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4. Vladimir

A decently built Vladimir can completely counter a Yasuo in the mid land since his kit has healing and escape mechanics. In addition, Vladimir has the upper hand in farming since he can easily get cs with his Q so that he doesn’t stay far behind until he scales.

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5. Viktor

Viktor is a master of lane control and this can cause major issues for Yasuo. Where Yasuo excels is moving across the lane freely. Viktor can take that away, causing his enemy lose his positioning. As long as Viktor can keep his distance and don’t fall behind in CSing he can get out of the laning phase a “Victor”.

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Check out sample build


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