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League of Legends

Top 10 Best Halloween Skins in LoL

best halloween skins lol

Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s time to get spooky on the Rift. If you’re into carved pumpkins, bats, and spiced latte, you most likely look forward to the annual Halloween event in League of Legends. It’s that time of the year when the game gets a little darker, a tad creepier, and a whole lot more fun. Today, we’ll take a look into the best Halloween skins in LoL right now.

Teemo Little Devil Skin

Little Devil Teemo (Best Halloween Skins LoL #1)

First, we have Little Devil Teemo. This skin turns our lovable, albeit mischievous, Yordle into the ultimate trickster. Sporting devilish horns and a pitchfork, Teemo is out to plant some ‘surprises’ for the enemy team. Perfect for those who want to raise some hell on the battlefield.

Pumpkin Prince Amumu (Best Halloween Skins LoL #2)

Amumu, the Sad Mummy, has found a way to embrace the Halloween spirit with his Pumpkin Prince skin. Dressed as a charming pumpkin, Amumu is here to put a smile on your face. It’s a delightful choice for those who want to spread a little Halloween cheer.

Bewitching Morgana (Best Halloween Skins LoL #3)

Morgana gets the witchy treatment with the Bewitching Morgana skin. With her pointy hat and custom animations and visual effects, she’s ready to cast some dark spells on the Rift. Plus, her soul shackles have never looked more haunting.

bewitching syndra skin splash art

Bewitching Syndra (Best Halloween Skins LoL #4)

Halloween isn’t just about ghosts and ghouls; it’s also an opportunity to dress up in glamorous costumes. The Bewitching Syndra skin gives her a bewitching makeover, perfect for those who want to strut their stuff in style while taking down their foes.

Bewitching Blitzcrank (Best Halloween Skins LoL #5)

Blitzcrank joins the Halloween festivities with his Bewitching Blitzcrank skin. Decked out in witch’s attire and wielding a cauldron for a hand, he’s all set to serve up some tricks and treats. This skin is a blast for those who want to bring the spook factor to their games.

Haunted Zyra (Best Halloween Skins LoL #6)

Zyra, the mistress of plants, gets a sinister makeover with the Haunted Zyra skin. Her vines and thorns take on a dark and eerie twist, and her plants now look more menacing than ever. If you’re into botanical horror, this skin is a must-have.

Bewitching Batnivia (Best Halloween Skins LoL #7)

Who would have thought that Anivia would look so cool as a bat? Undeniably, this skin is a sight for sore eyes since we’ve gotten accustomed to her getting skins that are more aetheric and chill in League of Legends.

Count Kassadin (Best Halloween Skins LoL #8)

Count Kassadin is truly a magnificent Halloween skin in League of Legends, given his brand-new visual effects that bode well with his count Dracula aesthetics. This skin is by far one of his best skins in the whole game.

Bewitching Tristana (Best Halloween Skins LoL #9)

With this skin, Tristana can jump off of a cauldron, put pumpkin bombs with her E ability. Even if you don’t believe that this one is Tristana’s best skin you can at least admit it’s glorious.

Zombie Brand (Best Halloween Skins #10)

Zombie Brand is one of the first skins to release in League of Legends with custom move animations, if not the first. Much like Haunted Zyra, this one too is the first “cooking” of skins with custom VFX.

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