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Teamfight Tactics

TFT Set 8 – Early News & Included Champions

tft set 8 art

TFT Set 7 is coming to an end with LoL Update 12.23 and Riot Games is quick to share news about the future of the auto-battler mode. This time, we leave dragons and beaches alone and go to Spatulopolis. As Riot explains, TFT Set 8 will focus on monsters, heroes and villains and this will be portrayed through their choice of champions and subsequent augments.

tft roadmap 2022 - 2023

TFT Set 8- Augments

Now that we say Augments, yes, they will become a standard for set 8 too. The mechanic will work somewhat similar, since now we’ll have Hero Augments available too. These Hero Augments will let you turn a champion in a hero or a villain depending on its effect. This will bring a ton of versatility and replayability to each team comb.

TFT Set 8- Traits

We don’t know all available traits for TFT Set 8 yet. However, we came to find out about some of them. These are:

  • Anima Squad – First-time takedowns give stacks of fame. Fame grants permanent Ability Power and Attack Damage
  • Admin – Customizable trait that lets you create your own trait by combining a set of 7 causes and 7 effects.
  • Ox Force
  • Star Guardian – Gain Mana
  • Underground – Stack Checkpoints called progress. On 7 Progress, you get rewards.
  • Threat – Don’t have synergies but are relatively more powerful


TFT Set 8- Champions

Alistar Annie Aphelios
Ashe Aurelion Sol Bel’Veth
Blitzcrank Camille Cho’Gath
Ekko Ezreal Fiora
Jax Jinx Kai’Sa
Kayle Leblanc Lulu
Lux Miss Fortune Morgana
Nasus Nilah Rammus
Rell Riven Samira
Sett Sona Soraka
Sylas Syndra Taliyah
Urgot Vayne Vel’Koz
Vi Viego Warwick
Yasuo Yuumi Zac


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