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Teamfight Tactics

TFT 13.15 Patch Notes – Piltover T-Rex & Ryze Changes

tft 13.15 patch notes

The early patch notes for update 13.15 in TFT are available, even though there’s no official announcement yet. The update is set to release on August 2nd when the LoL update will launch on live servers as well. This TFT patch is small in theory but includes some rather big changes to Piltover by changing the T-Rex mechanic. After the update, the T-rex won’t grant rewards when sold but instead will grant loot on winning a fight, depending on the loss streak. Also, the latest patch will give players changes to Ryze’s location-based mechanics, which you can see in the list below.

TFT 13.15 PBE Patch Notes

PBE Patch 13.15 TFT champion changes

  • Poppy: Stun removed
  • Zeri: Active spell duration adjusted to 9/9/15 seconds
  • Bel’Veth: Mana adjusted from 0/55 to 20/70
  • Ryze Shadow Isles: Soul or souls marked changed to ally with the lowest current health, Health on resurrection adjusted to 45/70/300 percent
  • Ryze Shurima: Tornado damage increased to 175/275/2500
  • Ryze Zaun: Portals created increased to 6/12/25, and with 50 gold, the cost to summon additional Portals increased to 20 gold
  • Ryze Piltover: Grenade damage increased to 275/425/2500, and the percent of damage done to enemies in the trap that hits all other enemies sees an increase to 15/20/500 percent
  • Ryze Bandle City: Bench unit changed from random to most expensive upon Portal getting created, and attack damage was reduced slightly to 30/45/68, If no units are left on the bench, the summon was changed to a random high-tier unit instead of a high-tier unit from the shop.
  • Ryze Freljord: Portal created reduced to two seconds
  • Ryze Ionia: Attack speed gained reduced to 30/40/300 percent, Damage added to dancing enemies, 175/275/2500, and stun remains the same


PBE Patch 13.15 TFT Augment changes

  • Buried Treasure: Gold gained removed
  • Demacia Crown: The item gained changed from Gargoyle’s Stoneplate to Hextech Gunblade
  • Shurima Crown: The item gained changed from Bloodthirster to Protector’s Vow
  • Shurima’s Legacy: Ability triggered after eight seconds of combat instead of when units Ascend
  • Unified Resistance One: Armor reduced from 20 to 18

PBE Patch 13.15 TFT trait changes

  • Piltover: T-Hex armor and magic resistance increased to 25
  • Piltover: Selling the T-Hex for loot removed
  • Piltover: New—Winning converts Charges to power for the T-Hex and grants the player loot based on the number of Chargers converted


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