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Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics Skyglass Origins Missions & Rewards

Teamfight Tactics Skyglass Origins

The Skyglass Origins event is now underway in Teamfight Tactics, introducing new missions to the TFT season. The event includes 15 brand new missions, with Star Shards as rewards, as well as one Misfits egg and emotes. See below to view all available missions and rewards in Skyglass Origins.

Teamfight Tactics Skyglass Origins Missions & Rewards


Mission Objective Reward
Revenant Complete 6 items in a single game 10 Star Shards
Draconic Field a team with 5 2-Star champions 10 Star Shards
Verdant Have 50 Gold 10 Star Shards
Redeemed Play a 5-cost unit 10 Star Shards
Ironclad Earn 20 Gold from interest in a single game 10 Star Shards
Dawnbringer Survive until Stage 5, Round 1 10 Star Shards



Mission Objective Reward
Dragonslayer Field a champion with 3 completed items 10 Star Shards
Forgotten Field a team with at least 5 Traits active 10 Star Shards
Abomination Spend 100 Gold 10 Star Shards
Hellion Sell a 2-Star champion 10 Star Shards
Coven Get to level 8 in a single game 10 Star Shards
Nightbringer Get 10 Gold from winning or losing streaks 10 Star Shards
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Mission Objective Reward
Urf’s Creation Do 100 total player damage Magical Misfits Egg
The Great Imbalance Win 30 rounds total Just You Wait emote
Order Prevails Get a Top 4 Here’s to Me emote

Apart from those missions, you can find new bundles of Little Legends available in the League of Legends store. This includes the new Mythic Tier URF Dowsie, which is, without a question, the most unique Little Legend we’ve seen till now.

The Skyglass Origins event in Teamfight Tactics will run from June 15th, 2021 to July 8th, 2021. Interestingly, July 8th is marked as the start of the Rise of the Sentinels event across all Riot Games’ titles so you can say that Skyglass Origins is a prelude to what’s to come.

For more Teamfight Tactics news and updates, stay tuned to The Rift Crown.

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