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Teamfight Tactics Fates 2 New & Leaving Champions

teamfight tactics fates 2

Teamfight Tactics second half, Fates 2 is coming soon and this means that there will be new champions joining the roster and some will inevitably leave. Riot Games has posted a long article on all the changes. The notes below show all new, changing and leaving champions when the new set arrives.

Teamfight Tactics Fates 2 Leaving Champions

Out with the old, in with the new. For the mid-set update, we’re shaking things up by removing a handful of champions to make room for new ones. So, what’s leaving us?

  • Moonlight – The moon wanes! No longer will its light bathe our low-cost units, providing them with additional star levels. They’ve had their moment in the moonlight, and their removal will help shake-up the early game. Say goodbye to the following units:
    • Lissandra
    • Sylas
    • Aphelios
  • Dusk – Dusk’s removal will pave way to the dawn of a new origin we’ll talk about later— Dragonsoul! This means we’ll no longer see the following units in Fates:
    • Vayne
    • Thresh
    • Riven
    • Cassiopeia
    • Lillia
  • Hunter – This group of synchronous snipers are headed out. Gone are the battles wherein they pick off foes in the blink of an eye. Farewell to:
    • Aphelios
    • Warwick
    • Ashe
  • Dazzler – When Sharpshooters and Hunters were running amok, who did you turn to but the glamorous Dazzlers to bring them down a notch? However, the following champions will dazzle no more:
    • Lissandra
    • Lux
    • Ezreal
  • Shade – No longer will Shades be slinking in and out of the shadows, terrorizing the enemy backline only to disappear without a trace. Speaking of, I can’t seem to find the following champions:
    • Evelynn
    • Kayn
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We also have a few additional units leaving who don’t fall into one of these removed traits:

  • Nami
  • Hecarim
  • Jinx
  • Xin Zhao
  • Jhin
  • Ahri


Teamfight Tactics Fates 2 Changes

  • Diana
    • Moonlight / Assassin → Spirit / Assassin
    • Diana uses a different skin, so be on lookout for her new appearance!
  • Zed
    • Ninja / Shade → Ninja / Slayer
    • New: Zed now has a passive ability where he jumps to the back to replace the old Shade passive. It does not include the aggro drop part though, so he is a lot more vulnerable this time around.
  • Kindred
    • Spirit / Hunter → Spirit / Executioner
    • We’ll talk about Executioner in a moment, but other than that, no change. Kindred are still the same strong 3-cost carry!
  • Morgana
    • Enlightened / Dazzler → Enlightened / Syphoner
    • The built-in healing on her spell has been removed and replaced with a 40% AD reduction effect—but more on Syphoners later.


Teamfight Tactics Fates 2 New Champions


  • Trait: The trait empowers your champions with a powerful dragon buff that grants stats and a powerful dragon breath attack!
  • Champions:
    • Brand: Tier 1 Mage
    • Tristana: Tier 1 Sharpshooter
    • Braum: Tier 2 Vanguard
    • Shyvana: Tier 3 Brawler
    • Olaf: Tier 4 Slayer
    • Aurelion Sol: Tier 4 Mage
    • Swain: Tier 5 Syphoner
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  • Trait: Each Fabled champion gains an additional, unique effect that powers up their ability when the trait is active.
  • Champions:
    • Nautilus: Tier 2 Vanguard
    • Neeko: Tier 3 Mystic
    • Cho’Gath: Tier 4 Brawler


  • Trait: Syphoner is a 2/4 piece trait that is all about providing sustain to your team and creating unique drain tanks who can heal back up the damage being done to them. When the trait is active, your whole team will get some healing via damage done.
  • Champions:
    • Nasus: Tier 1 Divine
    • Vladimir: Tier 2 Cultist
    • Morgana: Tier 4 Enlightened
    • Swain: Tier 5 Dragonblood


  • Trait: The lower a slayer’s health is, the more lifesteal they get allowing them to recover from their wounds. The lower a slayer’s target is, the more damage they deal, allowing them to destroy wounded targets.
  • Champions:
    • Zed: Tier 2 Ninja
    • Darius: Tier 3 Fortune
    • Olaf: Tier 4 Dragonblood
    • Tryndamere: Tier 4 Warlord Duelist
    • Samira: Tier 5 Daredevil Sharpshooter


  • Trait: Executioners are a great set of units to pivot into when you need to dish out more damage in the late game.
  • Champions:
    • Kindred: Tier 3 Spirit
    • Kayle: Tier 4 Divine
    • Xayah: Tier 4 Elderwood Keeper


    • Ornn: Elderwood Vanguard Blacksmith
    • Rakan – Tier 2 Elderwood Keeper
    • Sivir – Tier 3 Cultist Sharpshooter


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