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TFT 12.18 Patch Notes – Nunu / Aphelios Get Nerfs & Astral Comeback

TFT 12.18 Patch Notes

A new update is coming to Teamfight Tactics, featuring big nerfs and buffs to some of the best traits and champions in the game right now. Astrals seem to be coming back strong with a big buff to orbs while Dragonmancers, Ragewings, and Cannoneers are getting nerfed to stir things up in the meta. One of the most notable nerfs is that of Nunu who was dominating the board up until now. Continue reading to see the full TFT 12.18 Patch Notes as it was released by Riot Games yesterday.

TFT 12.18 Patch Notes


  • Astral orb quality now only counts star levels from unique units. Stacking duplicate 3-star 1-cost units won’t result in an increase in quality beyond the first one
  • Astral Orbs quality now increases at every single star level, rather than at specific cumulative star level “breakpoints.” This means average orb quality is up across the board. Item components and full items can drop earlier than before.
  • Cannoneer cannon shot Attack Damage ratio: 150/300/475%  150/250/450%
  • Dragonmancer bonus Health: 250/600/900/1200  250/600/800/1000
  • Dragonmancer bonus Ability Power: 18/30/50/75  18/30/50/70
  • Mage Ability Power buff/debuff: 75/100/125/150%  80/110/140/170%
  • Ragewing enraged Attack Speed: 50/100/175/250%  50/100/150/250%
  • Shimmerscale item, Crown of Champions charge up time: 6  5 sec
  • Shimmerscale item, Determined Investor Gold granted: 10  15
  • Shimmerscale item, Needlessly Big Gem Units per Gold: 3  2
  • Shimmerscale item, Goldmancers Staff chance to proc: 33%  40%
  • Shimmerscale item, Goldmancers Staff base Ability Power & Mana: 15  20
  • Shimmerscale item, Mogul’s Mail Base Health: 200  350
  • Scalescorn: Bonus Magic Damage: 15/50/115%  15/50/100%
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1-cost Units:

  • Wukong Crushing Blow Attack Damage ratio: 165/180/195%  185/200/230%
  • Karma Inner Flame Damage: 210/280/350  210/280/420
  • Nasus Fury of the Dawn Health Increase: 225/350/550  225/350/650
  • Nasus Fury of the Dawn Damage per second to adjacent enemies: 70/100/170  70/100/185
  • Sett Knuckle Down Attack Damage ratio: 150/155/160%  150/155/170%


2-cost Units:

  • Aphelios Attack Speed: 0.75  0.7
  • Kai’Sa Tidal Burst Damage: 35/55/75  40/60/85
  • Lux Cosmic Spark animation is now slightly faster
  • Lux Cosmic Spark Damage: 350/425/575  325/400/500
  • Lux Cosmic Spark now travels straight after hitting the initial target
  • Zac Unstable Current Heal: 200/220/270  220/250/300
  • Jax Armor & Magic Resist: 40  45


3-cost Units:

  • Nunu Consume Damage Amplification as True Damage: 33%  20%
  • Nunu’s amplified Consume damage no longer scales multiplicatively with Giant Slayer’s damage amplification
  • Volibear Relentless Storm 3rd attack damage: 110/155/215  125/175/240
  • Zeri Watershock Laser Damage: 160/240/420  200/300/475
  • Zippy Bugfix: Zippy should more reliably attack the target of Somersault Assault after cast
  • Zippy Attack Damage: 80  85
  • Lee Sin max Mana nerf: 30/80  30/90


4-cost Units:

  • Daeja RE-REWORKED: Now deals physical damage with her passive Windblast barrages, and can now equip AD items like Deathblade and Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Daeja Attack Damage: 0  20
  • Daeja Windblast passive Barrage Damage: 40/60/180  25/40/150
  • Shi Oh Yu Jade Form Damage Reduction: 15/20/50%  20/25/50%
  • Shi Oh Yu Jade Form Attack Damage ratio: 230/250/1000%  250/275/1000%
  • Sohm Tideblossom 3rd cast vortex Damage: 275/375/1500  300/420/1500
  • Swain Dragon Master’s Decree missing Health heal: 11%  12%
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5-cost Units:

  • Aurelion Sol Black Hole Damage: 325/550/4000  350/575/4000
  • Aurelion Sol Black Hole Damage increase after 18 seconds of combat: 15%  20%



  • Last Whisper Armor Penetration: 60%  50%
  • Eternal Whisper (Radiant) Armor Penetration: 60%  50%
  • Sunlight Cape (Radiant) burn range: 4  3
  • Bulwark’s Oath (Radiant) Shield duration: 3  4 seconds
  • Bulwark’s Oath (Radiant) Ally Armor & Magic Resist: 30  35



  • Cutthroat (Assassin) Mana Reave: 50%  65%
  • NEW Silver Augment: Dragonmancer Conference. Every 2 rounds, a random Dragonmancer appears on your bench. Gain a Kai’Sa.
  • Hero-In-Training (Dragonmancer) Buff percentage: 50%  66%
  • Lucky Gloves: Frontline Attack Damage-focused champions will now receive a more well-curated selection of items
  • Lucky Gloves: Now always grants full items instead of components (even at earlier Stages)
  • Lucky Gloves: Removed some weaker options to improve the average strength of the Augment
  • Ricochet (Cannoneer) Bounce Damage Reduction: 33%  40%
  • Verdant Veil Crowd Control immunity duration: 15  20 seconds
  • Weakspot Armor Penetration: 20%  10%
  • Dragon Imperialist max Health execution threshold: 15%  18%
  • Pandora’s Bench Gold: 5  7


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