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[SPOILERS] All League of Legends Champions We Saw In Arcane Episodes 1-3

Arcane is a new animated Netflix series following League of Legends champions in the city of Piltover and Zaun. During the first 3 episodes of the series, we’ve seen Vi, Jinx, and Jayce take the stage to show how they came to be what we know today as well as shed some light on the life of more heroes we know and love in the game.


Vi is one of the main protagonists in Arcane and a beloved champion in League of Legends. Her role in the new Netflix series is pivotal and we get to see how her character is developed through her childhood years. Vi is aggressive yet protective of her little sister Jinx (Powder) and the “leader” of a gang roaming Zaun.

vi arcane


It’s a sight of sore eyes to finally see how Jinx came to be her true maniac self we see in League of Legends as a champion. Once a child, wanting to be accepted and helpful to her sister, Jinx or then called Powder is trying to make her “toys” work and be able to fight alongside her gang. By the end of episode 3, we see her devastated and possibly ready to embrace her known self.

jinx arcane


The dean of the Piltover Academy and a well-known mage, or lovely yordle Heimer is as lovely as the first time we played as him in League of Legends. Thankfully his role is as essential as it should be, while following the story of Jayce in the hopes of creating magic.

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heimerdinger arcane


Jayce might be looking like a side character in episodes 1-3 in Arcane right now but we’re sure that this will change. His whole existence is the reason that the series exist, as Vi, Jinx and their gang break into his apartment and find the “exploding magic spheres” that prove vital in the third episode. It all falls to whether or not Jayce will be able to make Hextech work as we know it in the universe of Runettera and he’ll probably succeed on that front.

Jayce Arcane


In the first 3 episodes of Arcane, we see a bare minimum of Caitlyn as Jayce’s friend. This is about to change in the next episodes of the series as the characters grow up and she will play a big role in Vi’s adult life. For what it’s worth, we know Caitlyn is a strong presence in Piltover so she won’t be missing in major upcoming scenes.

caitlyn arcane 2


Ekko is yet another character we don’t see much in the first 3 episodes of Arcane, yet his involvement with hextech magic proves that he’ll have a more pivotal role in the coming parts of the show. He is known as the “little man”, although he won’t be that little as soon as he manages to create his chronobreak ability.

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Ekko Arcane


Ryze is only shown in 1 scene in episode 2 of Arcane but we already know why he’s so powerful. During the scene, we see him rescue Jayce and his mother from freezing to death by teleporting them. After that, he gives Jayce his crystal, triggering Jayce’s need to create magic.

Ryze Arcane


Viktor is Heimerdinger’s assistant in the Piltover Academy and is getting closer to Jayce, interested in his experimentation of magic. This is possibly due to his own agenta as he doesn’t look like a nice guy to begin with. We’ll have to be a little patient to see what his true colors are.

Viktor Arcane


We only see glimpses of Singed through the series, apart from one scene where his true self shines. More specifically, at the end of episode 1 in Arcane, the poisonous tank champion in League of Legends tests an experimental potion on a rat causing it to rampage. This potion, later on, causes a huge fight, so we can say that Singed is somewhat a main antagonist.

Singed Arcane


These are all the League of Legends champions we’ve seen so far in Arcane. For more news and features on Arcane and future LoL-related series, stay tuned to The Rift Crown.

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