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Spirit Blossom 2022 Is Coming To League of Legends

Spirit Blossom 2022 League of Legends

Spirit Blossom is coming back to League of Legends in a new 2022 event, featuring skins for Sett, Syndra & more. The new event will release after the end of Steel Valkyries and will most likely follow the same mini-game thematic it did when the spirit blossom universe released two years ago.

The League of Legends Spirit Blossom 2022 event will host skins for the following champions: Sett, Darius, Evelynn, Master Yi who also gets the featured prestige skin for this line, Tristana, Yorick, Syndra, Soraka, and Aphelios. These are quite a lot if you think that we got significantly less the last time. Some even think that this event will be even bigger than the Star Guardian one. Take a look at all the upcoming Spirit Blossom 2022 skins for League of Legends:
















Master Yi


Master Yi – Prestige

There’s still no solid date for the release of the aforementioned skins. However, Spirit Blossom 2022 is expected to hit the live League of Legends servers some time in the next few weeks, given the fact that Steel Valkyries has still a week to go.

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Undeniably, Spirit Blossom is arguably the most beautiful skinline in League. The aesthetics and colors plus the fact that Riot Games has devices a whole narrative behind its origins makes this universe one we’d love to see in movies or a tv series. Let’s hope that one day we might be able to witness that.

For the time being, the Steel Valkyries event is underway and you still have a few days to claim your rewards and spend your tokens. Wishing you all the best in your capsule opening sessions.

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