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Riot Forge

Song of Nunu – Everything We Know About Its Characters, Release Date & More

Song of Nunu characters

Song of Nunu is closer than ever to its release, making it Riot Forge’s last release for 2023. The game will follow Nunu and Willump through Freljord in a single-player narrative experience with relaxing exploration and puzzles along the way. What characters will we see in Song of Nunu though and when can we play it? Here’s everything we know about Riot Forge’s next game.

Song of Nunu – The Story

As Raul Rubio, CEO and Creative Director over at Tequila Works explains in a featurette about Song of Nunu, the game is a story about a kid searching for his mother. Nunu doesn’t care about Noxus’ wars or Piltover’s politics. He just follows a journey with his best friend in order to find his family.

According to the developers, Nunu is a Notai, a tribe that believes in stories above all. The protagonist has a magical flute which helps him get through puzzles throughout the game. Song of Nunu is an ode to friendship and pure feelings. This goes to say much about Willump’s dedication to keeping Nunu safe and Nunu’s love for his furry friend.

Song of Nunu – The Characters

As you might have already noticed, Nunu and Willump are the protagonists of Song of Nunu. In addition, we see Lissandra making an appearance in the game, most possibly as an antagonist getting in our heroes’ path. We don’t exactly know what her intentions for Nunu are but her presence seems ominous in a peaceful game like this.

song of nunu screenshots 1

Song of Nunu – The Platforms

Riot Forge’s upcoming title will be available on all platforms. This includes:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X / S
  • Steam
  • Epic Games
  • GoG
  • Nintendo Switch

Song of Nunu – The Release Date

Although we don’t quite know the release date of Song of Nunu yet, we can safely assume that it will be sometime this Fall. It probably won’t be late since Riot Games will be focusing on marketing for Worlds, so September – October seems like a reasonable release window. The fact that Riot Forge has already started their marketing campaign for the game is yet another strong indication that it won’t be long before it releases.

Song of Nunu – The Price

Although there’s no official announcement about the price of Song of Nunu on each respective platform just yet, Riot Forge’s previous releases are pretty indicative. All previous games like The Ruined King, The Mageseeker, and CONVERGENCE have a $29.99 price tag. It’s safe to assume that Song of Nunu will have the same price at launch as well.

It will be interesting to see how Song of Nunu will manage to keep up with its Riot Forge predecessors. For what it’s worth it will be a breath of fresh air to play a narrative relaxing game that requires no fighting and using extreme mechanics.

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