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League of Legends

September 2023 LoL Mythic Shop Rotation Patch 13.18 – Skins, Cosmetics & More

lol mythic shop september

Update 13.18 is available right now on the PBE, featuring Briar the brand-new LoL champion as well as new skins and the mid-set for TFT. What doesn’t come in the PBE though, is the next Mythic Shop rotation for LoL patch 13.18 which will be released in September.

LoL Mythic Shop September 2023 Rotation (Patch 13.18)

  • Prestige Pulsefire Lucian
  • Prestige Spirit Blossom Teemo
  • Prestige Star Guardian Ekko
  • Prestige Battle Queen Diana
  • Hextech Swain
  • Hextech Kog’Maw
  • Crystalis Motus Taliyah + Border & Icon
  • Reclaimed Chroma for Crystalis Motus Taliyah + Icon

The Mythic Shop will rotate as soon as Patch 13.18 releases onto the live servers. This date is estimated to be September 13th, 2023.

Additional cosmetic items in the Mythic Shop costs are as shown below:

Chrome for Chrystalis Motus Skin + Icon 40 Mythic Essence
Emote 25 Mythic Essence
Random Skin Shard 10 Mythic Essence
150 Blue Essence 1 Mythic Essence
50 Orange Essence 1 Mythic Essence

What is the Mythic Shop?

The Mythic Shop is the new system for Prestige skins and miscellaneous exclusive content inside League of Legends. In fact, it replaces the existing Gemstone mechanic. Every month, the Mythic Shop rotates, providing different skins for players to purchase. Depending on how many times a skin was present in the shop, its price goes up, giving you a feeling of urgency when your favorite prestige skins become available.

The prices are as follows:

  • 125 Mythic Essence for the first unvault
  • 150 Mythic Essence for the second unvault
  • 200 Mythic Essence for the rest
  • 100 Mythic Essence for the first unvault of Hextech skins
  • 125 Mythic Essence for the rest of Hextech skins

Make sure to keep an eye out for the Mythic Shop as new skins from upcoming events will most likely be available in the shop as well.

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