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Riot is increasing LP gains in Ranked League of Legends

League of Legends Update 10.23

One thing that got left out of the League of Legends 13.4 patch notes is the change Riot is planning to make to LP gains and losses. Riot Meddler, head of League studio, announced the changes under a Reddit thread yesterday.

“One thing that we missed from the video I figure might also be of interest coming in patch 13.4 is that we’ll be increasing LP gains/losses, from an average of 15 to an average of 22. Should get people to appropriate ranks faster. We’re making the change based on feedback received and because we’ll have two seasons in ranked this year instead of just one like we used to, so doesn’t seem appropriate to stick with the same tunings.”

league of legends lp gains

These changes should be warmly welcomed by the LoL community as players have been complaining about how tedious the ranked grind is. In addition, the update will improve the health of SoloQ by allowing smurf players to reach their appropriate rank faster. Expected LP gains/losses for smurfs after the change are rumored to reach +40/-10.

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