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Riot Games Shares Info On Project L, Their New Fighting Game

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It’s been two years since Riot Games has announced Project L, a new videogame in the world of Runettera. This game is a fighting title, featuring League of Legends champions, each with its own playstyle and abilities. During last night’s Undercity Nights show, the team behind Project L shared its second gameplay footage as well as information on how the game will be like when it releases.

During the 6 minute presentation, Tom Cannon, executive producer and Tonny Cannon, technical lead on Project L confirmed that its development is shaping up great and although it’s not close to release, the team loves what it looks like. Right now, ProjectL looks rough around the edges but the men responsible for it made clear that what we see is a ‘vertical slice’.

During a match, you’ll field two champions against the opponent’s duo team. In combat, you can block jump, switch champions and deal finishers. For the time being, we’ve seen Jinx, Darius, Ekko and Ahri. Each champion will have skills related to his kit in League of Legends. For instance, Darius has his raw axe moves while Ekko can turn back time as he can in Lol.

We currently don’t know what the full name of Project L will be. On a similar note, we don’t know the release date of Project L too. However, the recent Dev blog confirms that it won’t be available this year or 2022. For what it’s worth, we have a huge variety of events in Runettera related games right now so we can have our hands full until then.

In “unconfirmed Riot games” related news, we also know that the team is working on an MMORPG kind of game that know nothing about yet. We hope that next year, we can hope to know more about it too.

For more Riot Games related news, stay tuned to The Rift Crown.


Source: Riot Games