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Riot Forge Mageseeker – Story Teaser Trailer

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Mageseeker is the newest Riot Forge game to see its release and a new teaser trailer is out now. The game will follow Sylas in an action RPG setting and is releasing this spring for PC and consoles. The trailer itself, although it doesn’t include much info to go around, does give us an indication of the quality we should expect from the game.

Given the original Riot Forge trailer, we know that Mageseeker is a pixel art title that doesn’t exactly reflect the graphics we see in the new teaser. However, we could get some in-game cinematics that could follow that aesthetic. For what it’s worth, we can’t know for sure but with Digital Sun being the studio behind its development we can expect top-notch gameplay.

Mageseeker releases sometime this spring, which means we should expect it to go live in a couple of months. We’ll keep you informed when Riot Forge has more news about the title.

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