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League of Legends

Riot Set to Buff Riven in League of Legends… But Why?

Riven Buff League of Legends

Riven evokes mixed emotions in the League of Legends community, to say the least. The champion has always been loved by its mains and hated by its opponents. The item rework and past seasons have been relatively kind to the Exile as she has sported respectable win rates across all levels of competition. Now, Riot is set to buff Riven in the next League of Legends update.

So why the buffs? For starters, bruisers have always been rather tough to balance and Season 13 is no different. The solution Riot decided to go with was taking away ability haste and sustain from most bruiser items like Eclipse, Deaths Dance, Ravenous hydra, and many more. In turn, all these changes have led to Riven being underwhelming against her competition in the toplane. Especially champions that utilize Divine Sunderer like Jax, Fiora, Camille, and others.

Riot Phroxzon, lead balance team designer took to Twitter to announce the upcoming changes for 13.4. In addition, the early version of the patch notes can also be found here.


  • [P] Runic Blade buffs:
    • Damage scaling adjusted 30/36/42/48/54/60% (based on levels 1/6/9/12/15/18) >>> 30-60% tAD (based on levels 1-18 linearly)
    • Now deals damage to towers at 50% effectiveness
    • Stacks are now shown under health bar for Riven only

What do the changes mean?

All in all, the changes Riot has planned for Riven should not be taken lightly. The passive damage scaling change is aimed at streamlining Riven’s power curve and making her damage feel more consistent. In addition, probably the change that is going to have the biggest impact is the fact that now Riven’s passive-empowered AA will deal damage to towers.

The buff is rather massive as Riven is one of the slowest bruisers in the games when it comes to taking down towers in League of Legends. A champion that has seen a similar buff is Fiora with her Q turret damage buff last year. The patch also contains other notable top lane champion changes which you can read about in our patch notes story soon.


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