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Reports Want Fnatic To Be Signing Wunder As Their Top Laner

fnatic wunder

The off-season is going crazier and crazier by the day, especially in Europe. As if reports about the changers with Hans Sama, Rekkles, Perkz are not enough we now have Wunder stirring up the mix. According to latest reports, G2 Esports’ ex-top laner, Wunder will be joining Fnatic for the 2022 LEC season.

According to what sources close to DotEsports claim, Fnatic has already agreed with G2 Esports over Wunder’s buyout. The settlement was set on 600,000€, according to the same sources. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise since rumours want Adam to be moving to Team BDS for the next season as well. For what it’s worth, Wunder in Fnatic is a huge boost for fan morale.

Apart from Wunder’s move to Fnatic, the same report wants the organization to be signing Razork, Misfits’ ex-jungler after Bwipo’s leave and a possible move to NA. In addition, Fnatic could be trying to acquire Humanoid off of MAD LIONS and keep its bot lane intact. It almost looks unrealistic for Fnatic to be letting its whole roster to slip like that. However, if any of these statements are true, this will be an insane year for the organization.

As for the team’s former players: Bwipo, Adam and Nisqy we have no solid statements on their status for 2022. Nisqy has expressed his intention to stay off competitive play for a year, although nothing decided yet. Bwipo is rumored to have already signed a contract with Team Liquid and be sailing off to America. As for Adam, Fnatic’s rising star, he appears to be signing with the LEC’s newest team BDS.

We shall know what all the LEC players will settle for before the next split begins. For the time being, we shall remind you that nothing of what was said above is official and you should take everything with a grain of salt.
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Source: DotEsports

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