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Report Wants Upset To Be Reaching A Verbal Agreement With Vitality

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2023 didn’t start in a great way for Fnatic’s former bot laner Upset as he remained off the LEC stage after his split with the team. A new unofficial report wants the start ADC Upset to be reaching a verbal agreement with Vitality and will play as their carry in the next split. Since this is just a rumor, we advise you to take the news with a grain of salt.

During the recently ended LEC Spring Split 2023, Vitality did a great regular season run, finishing first in the standings. However, they later got eliminated in the group stage by SK Gaming. Although Vitality’s roster is a strong one, it seems that it could use some improvement. To tackle that, they might be looking to replace Neon in the bot lane with Upset, the former star ADC of Fnatic. According to a recent rumor by, Vitality has reached a verbal agreement with Elias “Upset” Lipp to be their bot laner next split. This brings new air to the team and, why not, a spot in the finals.

It’s admirable seeing the lengths the french organization is going to in order to reach the last stage of the LEC although it comes with no titles at the moment. For what it’s worth, they have two more tries to prove that they deserve a spot in the grand finals in France later this year.

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As for Upset, the break from competitive seems to be working for his career just fine since he’s currently standing at 1160LP, giving a huge boost to his in-game mechanics. It remains to be seen how his explosive temperament can complement Vitality’s roster during the next split. As for more changes in the existing team, we have no further information.

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