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Player Names Star After Aurelion Sol But The Champ Is Still Unpopular

aurelion sol star

League of Legends fans are never short of fun ways to communicate with Riot Games and express what they want to see in the game. However, no one would have thought that there are players that would go to such lengths as to name a star after a champion to remind everyone of a meme. Recently, a player took to Reddit to announce that he named a star in the Taurus constellation after Aurelion Sol. More specifically, he called his new star “Better Nerf Aurelion Sol”.

The procedure of actually naming a star is pretty easy right now. The International Star Registry allows people to name a star for a price as low as $33. This is nowhere close to an official claim to any star but it still is fun. The player decided that the celestial lord, Aurelion Sol deserves his own star, thus naming it “Better Nerf Aurelion Sol”. The name actually originates from a known meme circulating within the community as the champion has the exceptional ability to deal damage just by “existing”.

Even with his new star though, Aurelion Sol is still one of the most unpopular champions in League of Legends. Currently, he stands as the second less picked champion with 1% pick rate after Skarner with 0.9% pick rate. Funnily enough, Sol 51.4% win rate which is a great ratio, even if you count his super-low pick rate. It won’t be an understatement to say that Riot Games might want to think about an update to his kit since he’s not getting picked in games but he still “better be nerfed”. Only time will tell. For the time being, we can watch the stars and hope for him to get nerfed but get more popular.

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