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League of Legends

Phoenix Skin Line Might Be Coming To League of Legends

Phoenix League of Legends

As if Coven and Crime City weren’t enough, Riot Games seems to be working on a Phoenix Skin Line for League of Legends. That is if the recent Splash Art that appeared online is to be believed. The gallery includes a variety of skins, with 3 of them being part of a collection that seems close to what the Lunar skins were like before the “mecha crisis”. If the leak is true, then we are getting new Anivia, Seraphine, and possibly Xayah skins soon.

Phoenix League of Legends


Phoenix League of Legends


Phoenix League of Legends


If the last image indeed is Xayah then it includes one more part of information. The splash art includes all three champions which will most likely seem that this is not a big “event-accompanying” skin line. More so, if we consider that the same leak includes Crime City skins, which will most likely dominate the event page at that point.

We’ll just have to wait and see if this skin line is indeed legit and if Phoenix skins are truly coming to League of Legends. We’ll keep you posted on the matter as soon as the skins hit the PBE server.

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