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Norra is one of the champions releasing tomorrow in the Awakening expansion in Legends of Runeterra and is the only one that doesn’t seem to play around the new equipment mechanic coming to the card game. While there’s still little we know about the Yordle enchantress, we know that she has a tied connection to Yummi, one we might see in the LoR as well.

In her gameplay video, we see Norra using her Portal mechanic. Using this, Norra attaches a portal to a card in your deck and when you draw that card, you summon a random 2 or 3 cost unit. If your board is full, you get that unit as a 0-cost fleeting card in your hand, which is a sweet bonus. She also comes with her own set of cards that buff this mechanic. Norra even has a card that plants a portal, chimes mushrooms and traps in decks. We doubt that this card will be playable in the meta but it still shows how much room for mechanics Riot has in LoR.

It will be interesting to see in which kinds of decks Norra will fit. We might see her in a Bard deck since her fleeting cards can gain Chime buffs or any decks that draw fast like Teemo or lurkers. We’ll have to wait and see what players will come up with when the new expansion drops tomorrow.

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The Awakening expansion releases on August 31st, giving you only a couple of days to enjoy the current meta before we see equipment infesting the meta decks. In the expansion, we’ll see new champions entering the fray, more specifically Kayne, Jax, Norra, Master Yi, and Ornn. Equipment, the big new mechanic coming into the card game, will give units additional stats like spells do but with the addition of them getting added to your hand after the unit dies.

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