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League of Legends

New Cosmic Skins Available in LoL PBE

lol cosmic skins

A variety of new Cosmic skins is available right now on PBE, giving new skins to some of the most overlooked champions in LoL. Skarner, Illaoi and Hecarim are getting those skins, as well as Lissandra, Anivia, Nidalee and more. Take a look at all the new skins:

New Cosmic Skins in LoL

Cosmic Illaoi – 1350 RP

“An entity who carries the raw power of cosmic creation in her hands, Illaoi can slam the orb she holds into the very fabric of reality, allowing time to flow forward even in places where life has been eradicated.”

Cosmic Nami – 1350 RP

“The bringer of life, Nami is charged with scattering the seeds of ‘Élan vital’ on the newborn, cold lifeless rocks and planets that appear with the birth of new stars and constellations.”

Cosmic Anivia – 1350 RP

“A regal and truly ancient being, whose swirling energies give birth to entire galaxies. She has begun to wall off her creations, fearing the return of an ancient, golden foe that her kind has long sought to forget…”


Cosmic Nidalee – 1350 RP

“A cosmic tracker and ferocious warrior, she is tasked to find newborn stars and defend them from the ever-hungry Dark Star corruptants. Darting from galaxy to galaxy in an eternal hunt, she is forever shifting her shape like the wandering stars in the sky.”

Cosmic Hecarim – 1350 RP

“A knight in the Queen’s court, he leads his cavalry across the sky, forever expanding the outer edge of creation– bringing new life wherever his hooves fall.”

Cosmic Varus- 1350 RP

“A young member of the cosmic court, minted in the image of the Dark Star corruptant Varus. Tasked with destroying his monstrous doppelganger, this new Varus seeks his place among the stars after his task is finally complete.”

Cosmic Vladimir – 1350 RP

“Pompous, arrogant, and isolated from his cosmic brethren, Vladimir drinks the essence from dead worlds to infuse dying ones with life. Yet as of late his hunger has begun to grow…”

Cosmic Skarner – 1350 RP

“An ancient creature of deep, primal wisdoms from before the forming of the first galaxies, Skarner is composed of the very elements that are the building blocks of all the cosmos. His kind are the radiant antithesis of the ancient, squirming things that lurk in the deep darkness of space, and beyond it.”

Dark Cosmic Lissandra – 1350 RP

“Once a cosmic entity charged with identifying future threats to the cosmos, her hunger for ever greater knowledge drew her into conflict with the Dark Star, which consumed her. Transformed into a mad doomsayer who sees a true universe in the ashes of this one, she has become the very end she once feared.”


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Video Source: SkinSpotlights

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