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League of Legends

New Broken Covenant Skins Available In The League of Legends PBE

A new skin line is now available in the League of Legends PBE, following a gothic aesthetic that reminds us something of Castlevania or Dark Souls. The new Broken Covenant skins are available right now in League of Legends PBE and feature new cosmetics for Nocturne, Xayah, Rakan, Vladimir, Cho’Gath, Riven, and Miss Fortune. Furthermore, the latter will receive a prestige skin to coincide with the potential event that will release with it.

Broken Covenant is a skin line that is fueled by dark fantasy and although it reminds us a bit of the Sentinel cosmetic line, its designs and detail to stained glass and gold details makes it one of the most beautiful lines to ever release. That Cho’Gath skin, whose splash art you can view below is one of the most beautiful skins we’ve seen in the game, if you ask us.


broken covenant nocturne


2. Xayah & Rakan

broken covenant xayah and rakan


3. Riven

broken covenant riven


4. Miss Fortune + Prestige Miss Fortune

broken covenant miss fortune

broken covenant miss fortune prestige


5. Vladimir

broken covenant vladimir


6. Cho’Gath

broken covenant chogath

We still don’t know the exact release date for the Broken Covenant skins. However, it won’t be long since it’s the next skinline to launch after the new Astronauts releasing tomorrow. Most likely, we’ll see an event to accompany this gothic skin line, since it’s usually in between two skin lines that we see a new update releasing.

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