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League of Legends

Leaked Neeko Rework Abilities Revealed For Mid-Scope Update

neeko rework leak

It might come as a surprise for many to read that Neeko might be getting an Ability rework in the year to come. Although we have one major rework coming for Skarner, Riot Games seems to be “brewing” a rework for Neeko changing her abilities, if the leak is to be believed.

The Mid Scope update for Neeko includes an abilities rework and was destined to release this year. However, as leaker Big Bad Bear claims, the rework includes new descriptions for her skills, making her a more viable champion for all ranks. What comes as a huge surprise is her E ability that allows both her and an ally to become invisible and then disguise herself as that ally.

Take a look at the Neeko Abilities included in the rework leak

Passive – Shoma Essence

  • Neeko’s Attacks deal additional magic damage. Every 3rd attack, Neeko’s next 3 attacks happen as one but each only at 60% effectiveness and Neeko gains 10% move speed for 1 second.


Q – Blooming Burst

  • Neeko throws a seed that blooms 3 times dealing magic damage. The last bloom also deals a % of mission health as magic damage instead and affects a larger area.


W – Shapesplitter 

  • Neeko and her closest ally in range briefly slip out of sight, granting invisibility. Neeko disguises herself as that ally for 3 seconds and projects a clone that lasts for 3 seconds. Neeko, her ally and the clone gain 20% move speed for 3 seconds. When the clone expires, collides with an enemy champion or is hit, it turns into a Blooming Burst.


R – Pop Blossom

  • Neeko wins up with Shoma Essence over 1.5 seconds, causing a burst dealing magic damage and applying stacking 33% slow to nearby enemies hit for 1 second every 0.5 seconds. For the last burst, Neeko leaps into the air and deals magic damage instead.


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