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“Nasus, thank you for your brother” – Which Champion Says This in LoL?

Nasus thank brother champion lol

Today’s Loldle challenge is available, asking us amongst others to match a quote with a champion in League of Legends. More specifically, today we are tasked with finding which LoL champion uses the voice line “Nasus, thank you for your brother”.

The quote “Nasus, thank you for your brother” belongs to a LoL champion who is lore-rich and is directly relevant to the Shurima area. He is directly mentioned in the conflict between Nasus and Renekton as he is the one who tempted Rene with poison thoughts about his brother seeking power for himself. The correct answer to today’s Loldle challenge is Xerath.


The answer to today’s Loldle classic quiz has the following clues:

Gender: Male

Position: Jungle

Species: Demon, Spirit

Resource: Mana

Range Type: Melee

Region: Runeterra

Release Year: 2011

Seeking a true nightmare in the jungle today, the clues point to a mana melee champion who is a demon in origin. Ultimately, the correct answer is Nocturne.

Secondly, in the ability puzzle, we see an image of an ability “raining” from above, pointing to Kogmaw’s R.

Moving on to the emoji challenge for today, we see a pink heart directly hinting to a charm champion in League of Legends. In that case, we also see a fox, which belongs to Ahri.

Finishing off the Loldle challenges for the day, we see what looks like a victorious skin. However, this wouldn’t be true, as we are looking at Hextech Sejuani.

This marks all the answers to today’s puzzles. Check back tomorrow for the next bundle of Loldle challenges.

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