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A new cinematic is now available for the universe of Runettera, this time featuring a villain we all know and love. Thresh Unbound, is a brand new story video for LoL Wild Rift and it revolves around Thresh and his evil deeds.

The 3:50 minutes long cinematic follows Bort. Bort is a waiter who, after the curse of a mage, has to walk around with a crab hand. As a result, the hand makes his life difficult since it does’t follow the rest of his body movements. This results in him being a captive of his boss and a laughing stock for the customers. The cinematic was created in partnership with Axis Studios and is written by Riot Games and Henry Jones.

Its description reads:

Now unbound from the Black Mist, Thresh is free to roam wherever he likes—reaping poor souls all along the way.

As for the story of the cinematic, we see Thresh finding Bort inside the inn he works and tries to “save him” from the oppression of his boss and customers who bully him about his crab-hand. Thresh lures Bort into his lantern by offering him a chance to not live but not die either. According to the champion: “There’s life, there’s death and there’s me”. This line will stick with us for a long time.

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Don’t forget that LoL Wild Rift now has Thresh in its original roster and you can play as him as we speak.

Source: LoL Wild Rift Youtube


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