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League of Legends

Lol Challenge | 5-Stack Bandle City Team

League of Legends Bandle City

Bandle City is a city-state in the world of League of Legends that is home to some of the cutest and most quirky champions in the game. While they may not be the most popular picks, a team consisting only of Bandle City champions can be a fun and unique way to play the game. Here’s a breakdown of a potential team composition consisting only of Bandle city champions in order to complete the corresponding challenge in LoL:


Tristana (ADC):

As a hyper-scaling champion, Tristana can quickly become a late-game powerhouse capable of shredding through tanks and carrying team fights. Her Rocket Jump ability allows her to reposition quickly and avoid skill shots, while her Buster Shot ultimate provides a knockback and burst of damage that can secure kills or peel for herself and her team. Additionally, Tristana’s Explosive Charge ability allows her to take down towers quickly and safely, making her a potent split-pusher.


Lulu (Support):

Lulu can both protect her allies and harass her opponents with her abilities. Her Whimsy ability provides a significant movement speed boost and attack speed boost, while her Help, Pix! ability shields her ally and enhances their attacks. Lulu’s Glitterlance ability slows enemies and deals damage, and her ultimate ability, Wild Growth, provides a large amount of health and a knockup to her target. Additionally, Lulu’s Pix can be used to scout bushes or reveal stealthed enemies, making her a valuable asset to any team composition.


Kennen (Top):

We’ve picked Kennen for this lane since he can safely harass melee opponents and escape ganks with his Lightning Rush ability. In team fights, his ultimate ability, Slicing Maelstrom, can stun multiple enemies and deal significant area-of-effect damage. Kennen’s kit also includes a built-in stun, making him a strong pick against champions who rely on mobility or channeled abilities. Additionally, his flexibility in item builds allows him to adapt to different team compositions and play styles. Overall, Kennen is a strong pick for players looking for a high-impact champion in the top lane.


Veigar (Mid):

Veigar is a powerful pick as a mid laner due to his exceptional scaling, burst damage, and crowd control. As a mage, Veigar has access to a wide range of abilities that allow him to control the pace of a game. His Baleful Strike ability allows him to stack his passive, granting him increased ability power for every minion, champion, or monster he kills.


Gnar (Jungle):

Heimerdinger is a yordle inventor who can summon turrets to help him clear the jungle and control objectives. His kit also includes crowd control and burst damage, making him a strong pick for the jungle role.

This team composition has a mix of ranged and melee champions, as well as a good balance of damage, crowd control, and support abilities. With Tristana as the main damage dealer, Lulu as the support, and the other champions providing backup, this team can work together to secure objectives and dominate team fights.

One potential weakness of this team composition is that it lacks a traditional tank. However, with the right item builds and strategy, the team can still be successful. Additionally, the playful and lighthearted nature of the Bandle City champions can be a refreshing break from the serious and intense gameplay of League of Legends.

In conclusion, while a team consisting only of Bandle City champions in order to complete the challenge in LoL may not be the most optimal pick, it can be a fun and unique way to play the game. With the right strategy and teamwork, this team can take on any opponent and showcase the strengths of these lovable yordles.

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