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League of Legends

LoL 13.17 – Top 5 Top Lane Champions To Try

13.17 Best Top Lane Champions

League of Legends update 13.17 is now live and the patch notes include a ton of changes to champions, aiming to stabilize the chaotic meta we’ve seen so far. Apart from champions, an array of items are getting updated, giving some picks a new edge in their perspective roles. Today, we’ll take a look at which are the top 5 champions in the top lane you should try in LoL update 13.17.

LoL 13.17 Update – Top 5 Top Lane Champions To Try



First up we have the king of the top lane, the initiator of skilled matchups. Renekton is even stronger in this patch as well, mainly given the updates to Goredrinker and Shojin. Both item updates immediately make Rene better as they give him more HP, making his kit even better than before.

In addition to that, it’s important to remember that Renekton has strong Herald control especially in the early game and his strong side potential is off the roof. Basically, if you manage to learn how to play him correctly, he can carry your games even in the higher ranks.




Unlike other champions in this list who are better in this patch due to champ and item updates, K’Sante is generally a god in the top lane. His kit enables him into every patch making him playable in every situation. He has good matchups and exceeds in the weak side. However, he can always be a strong side since his assassination potential is also super great. Last but not least, he still exceeds in Herald control. His only downside for now is that he is hard to master so you might need some time before you can carry games with the Pride of Nazumah.




You might be surprised about seeing Aatrox in this list given that his lethality build got nerfed. However, now that Goredringer is back strong, the champion is Viable in more than one way. Aatrox is a fighting leader and can carry your team to victory easily if you know how to position him in fights. Also, consider taking him against aggressive champions that go all-in.




Jax is just as strong as Renekton for the same reasons he is. Auto-attacking champions absolutely love Shojin so it comes as no surprise that Jax is stronger in this patch too. The fact that his passive and ultimate enable Shojin is just the cherry on top. Also, have we mentioned that he is easy to learn and a 1v9 machine? Maybe this is your time to invest in playing Jax in the top lane as he is one of the top champions for the top lane in LoL 13.17.




Rumble didn’t get any buffs or nerfs in this patch but he continues to be one of the best lane bullies in League of Legends. His base stats are more than good and he deals satisfactory amounts of damage in skirmishes. Overall, he is a cheese pick that can perform well in solo queue games, especially due to its ultimate whose zoning potential in fights is insane. Equalizer is great for close choke points and you should not smart cast it for maximum efficiency.

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