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League of Legends

LoL 13.17 – Top 5 Support Champions

Are you struggling to find decent support champions to play in order to climb to the top of the ranks in LoL update 13.17? We’ve scoured through the most recent patch notes, searching for the best picks you can get in any rank that can be consistent and powerful in any situation in your League of Legends matches. Continue reading to see our full list of best champions to play in the support role in update 13.17 in LoL.


Minutes after her rework Rell entered the competitive League of Legends and she’ll stay there for quite some time. Right now, Rell has pretty much no counter if you have no flash since her CC enables all her kit and results in aceing teamfights.



Undeniably, Nautilus is the most noob-friend support champion in League of Legends and he can be quite oppressive if you can land your hooks and know how to use it to disengage as well. He has simple point-and-click abilities and if you know how and when to decide to use them, you can be undefeated.



An amazing peel champion who has found his place in a mainly engage-support-meta (with picks like Rell, Alistar etc). He can be insanely good with AD picks like Xayah or Zeri and he can fit the role of “protect the president” greatly so that his teammates can win the game without any danger.



Rakan has one of the most stable lane phase kits, which can prove super useful in both team fighting and skirmishes. He can quickly peel the AD and hard engage the opponents, without putting himself in danger. In a meta of hard engages, his role is significant. In addition, his role is a filler, with flexible playstyle given League’s standards at the moment.




You can’t milk those! Obviously, you can’t, unless you want to get smacked. Alistar has a decent lane phase, where enchanters don’t fit the meta as much, meaning he doesn’t have abusive opponent supports, taking full scaling potential out of their laning phase. His ulti provides great tower diving potential if your team is up and confident about it. Also, Alistar has great skirmish power and generally offers a great setup for other meta champions or combos like Maokai or Sejuani.


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