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League of Legends

LoL 13.17 – Top 5 Mid Lane Champions

13.17 Best Mid Lane Champions

Looking for the top champions to try in the mid-lane for patch 13.17 in LoL? We have prepared a list of picks that will not go unnoticed even in higher elo. Let’s take a look at what picks you should invest in this patch.


Ahri is one of the best picks in the mid-lane mostly due to her spell control. While maintaining a steady lead in farming with her Q-W, she can also be quite oppressive since a single tiny mistake can land a charm and a full combo.



Neeko is a niche pick in this patch but still remains quite oppressive in her lane phase. Her true power stems from her teamfighting potential and her ability to shapeshift into minions which especially for low elo can be quite annoying when ganking other lanes.




Although this isn’t the first time Jayce has shone in the mid-lane, he is a skilled champion that is hard to master but even harder to counter. Basically, the better you get by playing Jayce the more free LP you’ll be getting. The recent Shojin changes help Jayce, amongst other champions, making his big spike at 3 to 4 items even bigger with Eclipse – Manamune – Shojin or Sherylda’s depending on whether you need Armor Penetration or not.


Despite the multiple Statikk Shiv nerfs, Le’Blanc refuses to die out. Although she no longer is the lane bully she was earlier this season, that build is still viable and quite strong. Le’Blanc can be safe in her laning phase, while helping out in skirmishes and, if all else fails, keep up the side lane pressure with her quick clear and one-shot potential. In the late state of the game, a Stattik-Luden’s – Lich Bane Le’Blanc will want to play on the side lanes and push waves constantly. That’s her true power nowadays!




Tristana is a snowballing champion who can easily get and maintain control of her lane. Her control and skirmish power are the main two factors that make her super good in all ranks. Keeping in mind that she has a get-out-of-jail-free card in her W, makes it really hard for the opponents to gank and kill her.

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