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League of Legends

LoL 13.17 – Top 5 Jungle Champions To Try

13.17 Best Jungle Lane Champions

LoL Update 13.17 is packed with changes to champions and items so you might already be looking for the top picks to play on jungle, top, mid lane etc. Will Tryndamere be viable after his buff? Will Goredrinker make a comeback and make bruisers more powerful? Take a look at our top 5 jungle champions for update 13.17 in LoL.

Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV

Much like his fellows in the top lane like Jax and Renekton, Jarvan IV is yet another champion that will dominate with Shojin. Both Shojin and Goredrinker reduce his cooldowns by much, giving him his full combo every 4 seconds or even lower with CDR boots.




Guess what? Hecarim will be OP with Shojin as well! That, in addition to the fact that his new changes allow him to not rely on Manamune anymore, will make him resurface this patch. Try building him with Stridebreaker or Goredrinker, Shojin, Sterak’s, and Black Cleaver, and watch the magic of the pony unfold.


Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao’s passive was just changed in this patch so this is the perfect moment for him to shine. His skirmish power is one level above anything else in his caliber and building him in a similar manner to Jaarvan and Hecarim’s will make him super tanky but sustainable in fights as well. Also, don’t forget that Xin Zhao’s power stems from his early game bridging and fighting as well as his scaling after the changes.



Our lovely fist fighter gets a good set of buffs which practically make her better in long skirmishes. In addition, her ultimate offers an easy setup for your teammates to follow without griefing.




Taliyah is our own little hot take and we’ll stand by it. She can, for starters, act as a flex pick which will give you an edge on every match. Additionally, she now has better clear in the jungle (needing a 3.05 for a full clear) making her a strong counter against power junglers like the ones we mentioned above. Taliyah is super strong when it comes to fights and skirmishes, especially when the opponents have no Flash since her W-E combo has practically no counterplay.

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