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The next batch of champions to release in Legends of Runeterra has been revealed, giving us familiar faces and new mechanics to work with in Riot Game’s card game. Kayne, is the first champion to get his reveal video, showing his archetype which follows the same pattern as in League of Legends. Kayne is releasing in Legends of Runeterra this month.

Upon leveling up, Kayne can change forms to either Rhaast or The Shadow Assassin. Combining his forms with the new mechanic, Equipment, Kayne’s way of battling can be either a control or a mid-range type. We’d be surprised if any aggro decks release with Kayne as a featured champion.

During the trailer, we see Rhaast becoming a real beast in stats, healing the enemy nexus while supporting minions can peel off enemies. Both Rhaast and The Shadow Assassin have their own Scythe equipment, with the former getting +1/+1 when attacking while the latter, a more aggressive version gets +2/+0 when attacking. Rhaast seems like a better choice all around, although both stats stand at 3/6 which gives Kayne enough survivability even as a Shadow Assassin.

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It’s always fun to see Darkin getting the representation they deserve in the Runeterra universe and with a new Darkin champion releasing for LoL, it’s a breath of fresh air to see the same happening to LoR too.

Kayne, along with Jax, Master Yi, and a new champion Norra are releasing in Legends of Runeterra on August 31st when the new expansion drops. Hopefully, this will bring some versatility to the meta decks right now since Kai’Sa can’t seem to stand down as a queen on the ladder.

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