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Legends of Runeterra – Jax Gameplay Trailer & Archetype

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Jax is one of the most interesting champions joining the Legends of Runeterra champion roster on August 31st. His Improvise mechanic, allows his units to find equipment that give stats and statuses to them or Jax himself.

In the new Legends of Runeterra gameplay video, we see Jax in a deck alongside Pantheon, a powerful combo, as we see it right now. It will be interesting to see him with champions like Riven or Kai’Sa too. Ornn can also fit in a deck with Jax given their equipment combo.

The Awakening expansion releases on August 31st, giving you only a couple of days to enjoy the current meta before we see equipment infesting the meta decks. In the expansion, we’ll see new champions entering the fray, more specifically Kayne, Jax, Norra, Master Yi and Ornn. Equipment, the big new mechanic coming into the card game, will give units additional stats like spells do but with the addition of them getting added to your hand after the unit dies.

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