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LEC Spring Split 2023 Playoffs Breakdown – G2 Esports Go To Finals

With the Group Stage officially over, we have a clear look at what the LEC Spring Split 2023 Playoffs week is shaping up to be. After an intense best-of-5 between G2 Esports and KOI, the former is moving on to the finals while the latter will be waiting for MAD Lions or SK Gaming at the lower bracket to determine who will be the second team in finals.

On Saturday, February 18th, we saw SK Gaming go against Team Heretics in their best-of-3 and while being the underdog they beat Yankos’ team with a 2-0 score. During the first game, SK was super focused for the entirety of the series, making slow but steady advances in both games. In game 2, Team Heretics kept control of the game at first, without having much of the upper hand in team fighting after the 20-minute mark. This results in SK Gaming grabbing their second win and advancing to the next game in the Groups Stage.

Next up we saw Team BDS going against Astralis. The score went down at 1-2 in favor of Astralis, who managed to get 2 banger games in a row with small but impactful fights. As both teams showed that they are a power to not be underestimated, Astralis is the one moving to the next stage, facing MAD Lions.

On Sunday, we saw Vitality get an unexpected loss against SK Gaming, after finishing 1st in the best-of-1 stage. Even though Vitality showed a strong face in the first game, they didn’t manage to take the hard-earned win with SK going to 1-0. The second game turned out to be a major “stomp” with SK going 0-12 kills in the first 21 minutes of the game. With a clean win of 2-0, SK Gaming move on to the playoffs lower bracket. On the other hand, Astralis didn’t have that much luck against the MAD Lions, who got a close 2-0, meeting SK in the lower bracket of playoffs.

Yesterday, we saw the first game of the LEC Spring Split 2023 Playoffs, with G2 Esports going against KOI. G2 won with 3-1, in a banger best-of-5 series where they showed why an offense is a good defense. Going down with 1 win and a pentakill from Comp, KOI will face the winner of MAD Lions against SK Gaming next week in hopes of moving to the finals.

The LEC Spring Split 2023 Playoffs move on this week with:

Mad Lions vs SK Gaming – Friday 24 February

KOI vs (MAD vs SK Gaming) – Saturday 25 February

Finals – Sunday 26 February

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