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LEC Finals Go To Sweden – LAN To Be Held At Malmo

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Sweet news for LEC fans came today through the tournament’s social media. Finally, after almost 3 years, the LEC Finals will be LAN and, more precisely, in Sweden. The finals will take place on September 11th with the semifinals happening the previous day.

Many will remember the LEC’s announcement back in 2020 about the next two finals happening in Budapest and then Malmo. In fact, the news couldn’t be more “ironic” today, after 2 years of lockdowns and extreme precautions. Luckily, the organization of the LEC decided that this split will be the one whose finals will be hosted by a European country. As the LEC team announced today, the LEC Summer Split 2022 will take place in Malmo, Sweden. Moreover, the venue is set to be the Malmo Arena and this will be the second time in the LEC history where the finals are going to Sweden after 2015 in Stockholm.

The LEC Finals tickets will go live for purchase on July 1st. This marks only a couple of days for LEC fans to gather their friends. Get ready for a trip to Sweden. We know we will!

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As for the LEC teams to be competing for a spot in the finals, Excel and G2 Esports seem to be going strong right now. However, playoffs are a complete chaos. To be completely honest, we can never know which teams will prevail. Rogue, MAD Lions, Astralis and Fnatic are strong in the competition for playoffs. On the other hand, Vitality and Misfits are getting a tough time in getting through this stage. For what it’s worth, we’ll have to wait and see how the ladder shapes up in the weeks to come.

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