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Leak Suggests Fnatic Is Going Forward With Major Roster Changes

Wunder fnatic roster changes

The new LEC format proved to be something more than challenging for some of the tournament’s most iconic organizations, with Fnatic being one of those. After a disappointing split, resulting in them missing playoffs the team is looking for changes that will make sure that the roster comes back stronger for what comes next. A new leak suggests that Fnatic is doing multiple roster changes, including the team’s head coach.

According to multiple sources that made this full leak possible, Fnatic is going forward with three major roster changes. The first is about the team’s head coach Gonçalo “Crusher” Brandão, coming from The same source suggests that Rúben “Rhuckz” Barbosa, the rookie support that made his debut during Worlds 2022 will also not be a part of the team for the next LEC split. Rhuckz has proved that he is a power to not be reckoned with, standing tall to the powerhouses of the LEC even though the outcome wasn’t what everyone expected.

In addition to the aforementioned leak, LEC Wooloo posted today that Wunder will also not be playing for Fnatic in the next split, completing the rumors of roster changes within the organization. We still have no indication of who Fnatic might be trying out for those roles but given the organization’s reputation, they will come back stronger.

Although it’s a breath of fresh air knowing that Razork will still be a part of Fnatic given his energetic role in the roster, it’s sad to see Wunder searching for a new team after only one split after the LEC format changes. Of course, no one expects him to be left with no team during the next split, although anything is possible after titans like Upset and Flakked remained free agent last split.

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