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League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift

League of Legends Pride – Icons & Quests For All Games

League of Legends Pride

The Pride Even is available now on all Riot Games’ titles including League of Legends, Wild Rift and Legends of Runettera and includes icons, emotes and more cosmetics. See the full list of new cosmetics that are available now in all games below, as detailed by Riot Games.

League of Legends Pride Icons



League of Legends Pride Missions


Mission Name and Availability Mission Requirements
(Matchmade games only)
Love That Encircles the Horizon
(Available 5/17)
Earn 50 points:

Win a game with 1 or more friends = 5 Points

Lose a game with 1 or more friend = 3 Points

Win a game = 2 Points

Lose a game = 1 Point

Beside You Emote
Together We Are Strong
(Available 5/17)
As a Team, Kill 4 Dragons


Play 3 Games

500 B.E.
Every Color Under the Sun
(Available 5/24)
Deal 20,000 Damage to Champions


Play 3 Games As, With or Against Leona


Play 6 Games

Pride 2021 Icon
The Moon Reflects the Truth
(Available 5/31)
Earn 20,000 Gold


Play 3 Games As, With, or Against Diana


Play 6 Games

Pride 2021 Emote


Legends of Runeterra Pride Cosmetics


collection_ellie_rainbow_01.jpg collection_ellie_rainbow_03.jpg




Teamfight Tactics Pride Boom 

The Pride booms drop in patch 11.10, May 12th, via a new mission. The mission is named “The Sun & Moon” and to complete it you’ll just need to create a team with both Diana and Leona.

Copy_of_boom_pride_rosequartz_large.png Copy_of_boom_pride_sapphire_large.png Copy_of_boom_pride_catseye_large.png Copy_of_boom_pride_obsidian_large.png
Copy_of_boom_pride_tanzanite_large.png Copy_of_boom_pride_citrine_large.png Copy_of_boom_pride_rainbow_large.png

Wild Rift Pride Icons 


WRRainbowPoro_512.jpg WRTanzanitePoro_512.jpg WRCatseyePoro_512.jpg WRCitrinePoro_512.jpg
WRObsidianPoro_512.jpg WRRoseQuartzPoro_512.jpg WRSapphirePoro_512.jpg

Details Plz: Here are the 2 missions of this event:

Mission Name Mission Requirements Reward
We Win Together Play 1 game 7 Rainbow Poro Icons and 1 homeguard trail
United We Play Play 10 games with either a Pride
icon or the homeguard trail equipped
Pride 2021 Emote


Source: League of Legends

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