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League of Legends

League of Legends Critical Error – How to Fix

League of Legends Critical Error

Are you suffering from a critical error in League of Legends? Hopefully, there are some easy fixes that you can try and get your game up and running again.

Looking for a reason why you get a critical error popup while trying to log into League of Legends will not get you far. There’s no clear reasoning behind the issue message. In fact, it can be a variety of reasons behind it, ranging from firewall blocks to pending updates.

Here are a few fixes you can try to get past the League of Legends Critical Error Popup:


Install Pending Windows Updates

It’s frequent that video games have boot-up issues when there are pending Windows updates. Check if you have any available and install them as instructed.


Run League of Legends as an Administrator

Your next step should be right-clicking on the League of Legends icon and choosing Run as Administrator to get rid of any security discrepancies.


End Process from Task Manager

If this doesn’t work either, open up your Task Manager and kill any processes related to League of Legends.


Disable Full-Screen Optimization

Right-click on League of Legends again and go to Compatibility. Check the Disable Full-Screen Optimizations checkbox and try booting the game up again.


Install GPU Drivers’ Updates

Check any available driver updates for your graphics card. Download and install them and check if your game runs now. Make sure to always have a recovery point before you start the update, in case you get any issues along the way.


Whitelist from Firewall & Anti-virus

If you are still searching for the issue then you might be seeing your luck lowering. However, this fix might be your salvation. Most of the time, video games crash due to security issues and whitelisting League of Legends from your Windows Firewall and anti-virus program.


Use the client repair tool

If all else fails, use the repair tool in the League of Legends client’s settings. This will initiate the soft reinstallment of League of Legends altogether. Hopefully, that this point League of Legends will be up and running and the critical error message will subside. If not, then you should contact Riot Games’ support and have their team find a personalized fix for you.


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